High Schools, Teams & Clubs

Let's help your athletes fuel their goals in sport, school and life.


High Schools, Teams & Clubs

Let's help your athletes fuel their goals in sport, school and life.


Nutrition is a powerful tool to help your athletes support their health, well-being and performance.

At Fuel School, we prioritise the health and well-being of young individuals to support their overall performance in sport, school and life. Our goal is to cultivate a positive relationship and confidence in their bodies, food, and physical activity. We assist high schools and sporting clubs or teams in transforming how students perceive and link nutrition with their well-being and performance.

Every school and team requires a different level of support. We offer a wide variety of individualised approaches and resources to help your athletes take their game to the next level with nutrition.


It’s time to enter the well-fuelled era of sport ⁠

Fuelling your body with a strategy and purpose will give you a competitive edge and help you to reach your potential. Fuel School is a performance nutrition hub dedicated helping YOU, as a teenage athlete, fuel YOUR goals in sport, school and life.

What's Included...

Presentations & Workshops

We offer practical and interactive nutrition programs tailored for all year groups (7-12). Workshops can be conducted in smaller classes/teams or as whole year/club groups. Led by expert Accredited Practicing Dietitians, our sessions are rooted in scientific research and align with PDHPE/HPE curriculums in Australia.

Whether you need a one-off nutrition workshop or a comprehensive series, we fully support your school or club community and we are thrilled to engage with teachers, teams, coaches, and parents looking to enhance their athletes' performance through nutrition.

Keen to know more? Please send us an email, and we'll arrange a video or phone call at your convenience. During our call, we'll explore what solutions would be most suitable for your school or team. Looking forward to connecting with you!

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Fuel School

An online performance nutrition hub dedicated to helping motivated teenage athletes fuel their goals and take their performance to the next level with nutrition. 

Special pricing for schools and teams is available.

Let's schedule some time to chat about your team's needs, their challenges, goals, and begin developing a plan to improve their performance with nutrition.

Please take a moment to send us an email and we will schedule a video or phone call at a time that works best for you! We will chat more about what may be best for your team on our call.

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How to build a performance plate 

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"We would highly recommend Fuel School to any goal-oriented athlete.

A number of athletes we coach have participated in Fuel School, Ali’s online performance nutrition hub. The knowledge these athletes gained from the program has allowed them to take personal agency to ensure they are set up for the physical rigour of training and competition - it can not be of coincidence that these athletes have achieved a summer season of personal bests and National Championship qualifiers. We believe Fuel School doesn’t just educate athletes on their nutritional demands, but prepares athletes, particularly junior athletes, to realise that they won’t achieve their goals until they start living like the elite athlete they strive to be."

Serena & Peter Schuwalow | Zenith Running

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