How to build a performance plate! A guide to mealtimes for teenage athletes 

All too often Ali has been asked to work with a young athlete who has hit the elite level and it is the very FIRST TIME they have ever spoken to a sports dietitian! ⁠It’s time for that to change. ⁠

Learning to fuel your body with intent and purpose can give you a competitive advantage and help you to reach your performance goals. 

JACK STEELE | SKFC AFL Captain 2021 - current

Performance nutrition has had a big impact on my footy career. The SKFC Team now has the knowledge, skills & confidence to fuel our bodies for optimal performance.


BRITT COX | 4x Olympian & Moguls World Champion 2017

Optimal fuelling has supported both my physical and mental well-being. By putting the person before the athlete I've achieved key performance outcomes across a number of Olympic and World Championship events.